Copy of Me


hungry & curious

A friend took this photo of me in a park in Istanbul just as the sun was setting over the city. It was summer 2012 and I'd just graduated from Boston University with a Masters in Gastronomy. This was the follow up to a degree in art history. It seems I was pushing a liberal arts education to the brink of its stereotype. Which brings me back to this photograph: I'm surprised by how at ease I look, because I was still jobless after being laid off from the food-driven advertising agency I worked at as a copywriter.

I had my coffee grounds read during this trip to Turkey and asked about the application I submitted to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. The coffee said things we're looking good. They were right.

I moved to Des Moines that fall and worked as an associate food editor at Better Homes and Gardens for three years. I wrote a small cookbook on vegetables while there, edited hundreds and hundreds or recipes, wrote numerous feature food stories, and was profiled by Country Gardens magazine for piece on how I dehydrated all the herbs and vegetables grown in my little community garden plot. I went to Iowa to become an editor and left a better writer. 

In 2015 I took a position as the food editor of Kitchn. I plan and produce over 200 pieces of content a month ranging from big feature stories, smart cooking tips and recipes, to humorous musings on grief and marshmallows, and why Caesar salad is the Kim Kardashian of salads.

What I do is largely content strategy, a little storytelling, a lot of editing, and plenty of meeting people where they're at. Hopefully they come to me hungry and curious so I can fill them up with good food and answers that lead to even more questions. Hungry and curious means you're never quite full enough. When you are, it's never for too long. That's a good thing. I've always preferred people who weren't afraid to ask for seconds.